Shantinath Farm House

Away from the daily chaos and near to your hearts, the farmhouses are a perfect destination constructed with the aim of solving the purpose that goes behind it. The whole architecture of a farm house at SHANTINATH FARM HOUSE is given a purposeful shape and cornered in a place where winds will whisper and birds will sing aloud to your ears. Marked by the grand, awe-inspiring and unique architecture of Rajasthan, the concept itself tells us the tales of its rattling heritage.

Let the farm be just an excuse to visit your house that calls you away from a hurly-burly town life.Farm House are made for those people who want to spent their holidays in great style.The “SHANTINATH” Group provides farm houses for sale in which you will feel the wonderful relaxation.The best thing is that in farm house you get a experience of peace and enjoyable holidays with allluxuries. SHNATINATH GROUP farm houses are based on the concept of GET Back to the Nature in which natural living, natural food, nature cure, nature family and are spread over a land. Our farm houses and villas are surrounded lush green grasses who give fresh environment and it also look svery beautiful.