The group has been in its core business of construction and property development for over 7 years and has also enjoyed a great amount of trust and loyalty from its patrons over the years.
The group management constantly upgrades professional resources to construct responsive strategies and adapt to local preferences to deliver high quality in its entire projects. Over the years, devbhumi has become the very definition of its qualitative work and entrepreneurial finesse.
One of the most trusted builder and developer in Bikaner, our brand name SHANTINATH has been a renowned name in the construction industry for over last some years.
A closer look at the company's ongoing projects by the company in the last few years reveals their strong focus on quality and innovation as we are the first one to come up with the ten floor residential tower project. Our Group has been appreciated for the foresight and attention we pay to the customers by providing a hassle free clean and clear documentation. devbhumi has diversified in Residential and Commercial complexes as well as development of Townships and Villas.
We concentrate only on quality & comfort to customers. We are yet again ready to prove our courage in developing world-class commercial and office spaces and promise to bring in the same standard of detailing which we have been delivering till date. Our group hopes to improve the lives of the people connected to us.
The progress of our people powers the progress of our company. Every accomplishment becomes a foundation for us to do healthier, to dream higher, and create a better hope. Our responsibility, as industry leaders, drives us to be valiant and hold hard-hitting challenges....
CMD's Message
The journey till now has been a series of challenges and achievements along with a sense of inner satisfaction which DEVBHUMI group receives on serving the society through its world-class structures. As the managing director of the organization, I accept that the competition seems to become far more daunting in its own way.
And this is the reason that motivates and inspires us to innovate incessantly and strengthen our resolve to tread the difficult path with greater conviction and assurance. 4 years back, while laying the first stone to the foundation of this now popular organization, the only thing that came in mind was to give the best and the foremost to the people who will come to us.
Today when we look back, we have achieved this to a greater extent and hope to keep doing so in future too. Our organization is not just about buildings and structures or about running a business. It's about realizing our potential and giving shapes to your imaginations outstanding your expectations. With many projects on its way to completion, we see a powerful drift of the city from a beautiful town to a city of aspirations and possibilities.
We adopts a culture where any decision is taken against the measurement of its worth for the people around us. Customer is an integral part of all our undertakings. It's your support and trust that has helped us achieves an enduring space in your hearts.
The ongoing project SHANTINATH RESISENCY AND SHANTINATH FARM HOUSE COLONY and JAI GANESH VIHAR are our dream projects which is now into a reality. Supported by latest technology and best architects and designers, no hurdle seems to be too big now. Devbhumi envisions being the market leader in the industry in the not too distant future. We believe that any work when done with conviction and confidence, and with belief in the Almighty God, will return to you in its best form.
Vision & Mission
Mission Statement
Dev Bhumi Group's mission is to become a best developer in India with concentration in the State of Rajasthan over the next 5 years. To engage in the business of Real Estate Development including developing of land, constructing and marketing of the same, with an intention of serving the society and community in general with total dedication, commitment, and focused purpose while maintaining the highest standards of excellence.
Our primary mission is to make sure that each and every client find the perfect investment and provide excellent service to them. We would want our loyal clients to purchase their first, second or even third homes with us.
That's the kind of service we are committing to deliver, that is, our clients would like to come back for more! We are here for the long haul and build fruitful & lasting relationships with our valued clients.
To build world-class real-estate services across six business lines with the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, quality and customer service. We are a customer oriented company and we believe in putting in our best foot forward in our journey to the top.
Dev Bhumi Group Values:-
Sustained efforts to enhance customer value and quality
Ethical and professional service
Compliance and respect for all community, environmental and legal requirements.
Our Team
Team of Professionals & Experienced Persons:-
We have a well-motivated team of energetic professionals such as Chartered Accountants, Civil Engineers, Architects, and Sales & Marketing Professionals, Finance & Commerce graduates who know their jobs well and work hard to achieve maximum efficiency.

Our Architects:-
At 'AXIS' we have Mr. MANOJ BISHNOI whose endeavor is to give worth to every square inch of space, besides giving the building the shape and structure. A dedicated work-force of professionals at DEVBHUMI We have cherished and raised the spirit of creativity and perfection since inception. It is an attitude that rules all our deeds and has become a part of our philosophy.
Our Ongoing Projects

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